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Being a DJ requires you to invest in a few necessities to practice the trade. Talent and passion will go a long way to ensuring your success but you need to get the basics right. This is proving to be a lucrative career as more opportunities open up like contracting jobs as a Bar Mitzvah DJ. To ensure a solid following however, you need to invest in a quality headphone, a DJ would benefit from having an audio interface. This is a device that can enhance the sound quality of a computer and permits you to jump from using analog technology to the more current digital technology.

An interface device can help you establish connections between a computer and other different instruments such as microphones or other gadgets that can send signals. This will mean an expanded means of inputs and outputs, which can be useful when you’re in the recording business or if you are a DJ. It is also capable of reproducing sound accurately so that each time that you record a mix or listen to your work through the use of speakers and headphones, you can hear the variations in sound quality.

Going the Digital RouteHi-tech digital gadgets and devices have given DJs the chance to elevate their trade and make it more cutting edge and in keeping with the times. Computer based audio recordings are now possible through the use of this interface. While it is commonly used to record music and produce videos, it comes in handy for DJing when voice-over performances are required or when special sound effects are added to sound mixes. This creates unique compositions that helps distinguish an artist’s style from another person. It produces work with a professional edge and allows DJs to use several gadgets at the same time. In their line of work, this flexibility makes it easy for them to use several microphones and operate other instruments simply by using a computer.

If you want to become successful at this trade, you need to distinguish yourself from all others in the same trade. And knowing how to utilize an audio interface gives you the advantage of professional work and opens up other career paths like owning and operating a recording studio or offer special events services which can include photo booth rentals alongside DJing. . If you choose to cover live bands, look into rackmounts because they will serve you best – these are portable which makes it perfect for recording band performances or events that are held outside a studio.

Of all the devices out there, Presonus Interface is the one that gives great buzz. It is easy to use and preamps are solid. You can use two separate channels for the vocals and the overhead sounds and test out the drums to see how it all comes together. It gives solid performance for its price and allows you to hook up a lot of gadgets and instruments to get excellent sound recording. The greatest thing about it though is that all you have to do plug in the cable, turn it on and use the software – it’s that easy.

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Choosing the Right Kind of Wood for your Space

Choosing the Right Kind of Wood for your SpaceWood comes in a lot of varieties and each piece has a distinct quality. It is one of the best material that you can use for your floors because they are both beautiful and durable. Hardwood can be really expensive but are well worth the investment. It lasts for years and can withstand the abuse of high traffic, dropped objects and dragged items. The sheen of the wood can lessen with age but this can be easily fixed by refinishing it. There are some kinds of wood that can change color over the years but the deeper color quality just adds character rather than detract from it.

The choices include Maple, Beech, Pecan, Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, and Poplar among others. These pieces basically differ in their hues which can range from dark brown, reddish-brown, tan, to almost white. There are now cheaper alternatives for people who want the look of hardwood but don’t have the budget for it. Laminate flooring can give you the look of real wood at a fraction of its cost and is available in the same variety as the real thing. For those who want an environmentally friendly alternative, bamboo floors are a great choice because they are just as beautiful and strong as the other kinds of wood.

Having the right kind of flooring for your home will improve the overall appearance of your place and will give you great pleasure for years. Walnut for instance with its warm chocolate-brown color gives a calming effect and is a popular choice for furniture, cabinetry and mostly, for flooring. It blends perfectly with a white background and defines a room perfectly. Because of its dark hue, some people associate walnut flooring with a formal environment. But it can be just as easily paired with light colored furniture and wall paint to give a room a lighter, more casual and relaxed feel.

The beauty of the dark wood varieties like walnut, teak and oak is that they can be used as highlights in the room by keeping everything else in a contrasting color or downplayed by keeping the shade of the walls and ceiling in the same family colors as these types of wood. As a flooring material, it can become an accent when used for the stairs and landing areas. These types of wood are sometimes used together because the differences in their colors can give a room a distinct appearance.

So whether you want to have a traditional or modern look for your place, the dark woods are a great choice. Choose the engineered kinds if you are working on a limited budget because it can give just as much satisfaction as the real thing. Those with thicker veneers can even be sanded and refinished in the same manner as the hardwood types.

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Creating a Lasting Impression

Creating a Lasting ImpressionIn the music realm, one of the most critical elements that you need to have to make it in the industry is a great brand name. It’s the most efficient method of leaving your mark and a way to help your fans track you down. A logo gives your band a personality that sets you apart from all the other bands. And it doesn’t matter what kind of music you specialize in, whether heavy metal, pop or rock, all musicians depend on their logo to carry them through. Good promotion is heavily dependent on a great logo design, it the element that creates a “sticking” effect in the minds of listeners and music enthusiasts.

Now coming up with a great design can be a definite challenge because it’s a combination of several technical factors – color, font type, image, and overall palette, among others. You have to decide what color scheme is visually appealing and what would draw people’s eyes easily to your brand. Some of the popular colors that established bands have used include red and black.

Your logo should be representative of your band’s personality. Creating one that is simple and stylish takes a lot of work. It’s a definite plus if you have artistic inclinations because you can try creating one yourself. But if you are not equipped for the task, it would serve you well to hire a band logo maker. This means contracting a company that’s skilled in this type of work. They have the technical expertise to present you with a number of options to choose from. If you have defined ideas about what you want, you are of course free to give your input. The great thing about having a logo done professionally is that you can enumerate your preferences for the artists to work with.

The general design of your logo should combine your type of music and the kind of listeners that you are targeting. It’s really amazing how a tiny detail plays out a big role in a band’s success. And since it is a critical factor, you should be prepared to spend for it because it’s an essential investment to make sure that your group makes it big in the music scene. It seems such a tall order for a brand name but it will create a larger than life image for your band.

It will make promoting your group an easier task as well. Since the basis of success for any type of business is effective advertising and marketing, having a memorable label will ensure that you can reach your market easily. A good way of advertising in the music world involves having your logo printed in different merchandise like caps, shirts, stickers, mugs, and banners. Your label will also be used to market any concerts and activities that you’ll have. In a way, your logo is solid proof that you are serious about remaining in the music industry. It’s a simple gesture that supports the idea that you want to stay long in the business and have people remember you for the distinct style of music that you offer. In truth, your logo will probably outlasts your stay in the music scene so you need to make it worth remembering.

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Activate that Aural Exhilaration with RCF ART-315A

RCF ART-315AThe small yet powerful RCF ART-315A  is an active 2-way speaker powered by a 350 Watt Digipro bi-amplification amplifier, with a maximum SPL of 128 dB, and a frequency response of between 50 – 20 Khz. This model of speaker utilizes massive high quality neodymium magnets in its transducers to both reduce weight and provide high quality consistent results. This equates to a low frequency of 300 Watts and a high frequency of 50 Watts. Combined with RCF low distortion technology this gives the RCF ART-315A  a well deserved reputation for clarity.

The 15" woofer with its high power 2.5" edgewood copper clad aluminum voice coil, provides a powerful and punchy bass, the mid range is also accurately reproduced. High frequencies sound natural because of the 1.5" Mylar dome compression driver which has a 1.5" voice coil made from the same materials as the woofer, which utilizes an optimized radial phase plug. A 90×60 wide dispersion horn ensures that low distortion is not a problem, and the angle provides constant directivity, which means that your audience gets a great listening experience regardless of the positioning. This makes the RCF ART-315A  perfect for live sound applications were vocal punch and accurate high frequency responses are needed. An on board DSP processor provides controls for crossover, EQ, transducers, phase alignment, protection and fast limiter functions. Visual feedback of all these parameters is provided via four LED’s located on the front panel of the speaker.

The connections on the RCF ART-315A  are both balanced and unbalanced, the input is a female XLR socket and the outputs are male XLR. The output has a built in loop trough, which means that multiple speakers can be daisy chained together if required. A switch to change the source signal between a 0 dB line in and a -40 dB microphone input is located on the rear of the speaker, directly beneath the volume control. If the optional remote control is going to be used, ensure you check the level as the volume control should be set to maximum.

The cabinet is black in color and made from lightweight composite polypropylene, which has low density, high tensile strength and excellent impact strength, which makes it tough and resistant to damage. This enclosure material also serves a secondary purpose by dampening unwanted sounds and vibrations. The net weight of the speaker is 44.09/20 lbs/kg, there are three ergonomically designed handles on the speaker, two on the side and one on top. Also included is a built in 35mm pole mounting and a pair of M10 flying mounts to accommodate any speaker setup options that you may need. The physical dimensions of the speakers are 26.67/680 inch/mm in height, 15.94/405 inch/mm wide and 13.58/345 inch/mm deep.

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Soundproofing your Room

A room that is primarily used for musical appreciation or production requires a special design. This is to enable audiences and listeners to fully appreciate the quality and sound of the music that is played. For sound mix and production, it is equally important to get clear and accurate sounds to enable technicians and musicians to correct and adjust their musical pieces. Room acoustics plays a great part in this process.

But unless you build a room from the ground up, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get one that comes with the right specifications for this purpose. That’s why it’s great that there are varied products for acoustic treatment that’s available on the market now. These are essential if you plan on transforming one of the unused rooms in your house into a music room or convert a rental space into a studio. You can also use these items for home improvement such as enhancing the sound quality in your recreational or viewing room. 

Before you even get to deciding what kind of speakers to buy, you have to consider the lay-out of your room. This is because the sound that’s produced in any room is affected by the placement of speakers and the way that it bounces off the different surfaces in an area like the floor, ceiling, furniture and floors. It is what differentiates sounds made in a room versus those that are produced outdoors where there are no surfaces to reflect soundwaves.
Here are some basic guidelines that you can use to treat a room in your house or your workspace:

• Check out potential problem areas in the room, those that are likely to affect sound quality by reflecting off them like large glass windows. This specific concern can be solved by installing blinds or draping heavy curtains on them. If you have a choice, it is best that you use a smaller room so that there would be less acoustic treatment to do.

• Find the best spot to place your speakers in. The optimal position in a room is a point where you can draw or imagine a triangle between each speaker and your ears.

• If there are a lot of reflective surfaces in the room, you need may need to use tiles to help absorb the reflected sound to get rid of echoes and rings. Foam is also an alternative material that you can utilize for this purpose.

• Finalize the amount of acoustic treatment that you require. Choose glue to stick panels, traps and diffusers permanently. Spray adhesives and Velcro pads are alternative options if you’re not sure of the placement. This will make it easier to remove and re-position them later on. Auralex has an extensive range of acoustic treatment products that you can choose from. They have made room treatment easier by offering complete acoustical system packages to help you solve sound control problems in common-sized rooms.

Roominators Sound Control Systems® are practically priced and can be used by anyone. It is a great Do-It-Yourself kit and can help you get the studio sound that you want for your room. The company has a complete array of products that include absorbers, sound barriers, and diffusers to help you get great acoustics for any area. Their foam adhesives are the best in the business and are guaranteed not to eat your studiofoam. 

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Things to Consider in Getting your First Guitar

Image of Cheap Guitars

Before buying any musical instrument, it is important that you take the time to play it and look over the overall quality of the instrument. Check out the functionality of the electronics, as well as the details like the sharp edges on the fret wires. The market for guitars for beginners is well catered for by reputable companies. They provide good quality guitars at very reasonable prices. If you have the financial resources to support it, you can already invest in a good model that’s made with top quality wood. It’s relatively easy to shop for guitars now than it was a decade ago.

But if you are just trying out your hand in learning how to play the guitar, it makes sense to start with a basic model. You can always upgrade to a better model later on when you are committed and better skilled to play it well. An inexpensive guitar does not always mean that the quality is not good. Plus there’s a good chance that you can buy a second hand piece if you are willing to check places online.

Take the time to try out different models before buying your first instrument. The inclusion of the Internet in the buyer and sellers market is a great advantage because you can check out different models for beginners from all over the country. There are a lot of guitars that come with low price tags although you would be hard pressed to expect a lot out of them. The jury’s still out on whether guitars made from Agathis, which is a type of wood, is good or not, but for beginners, it’s a pretty good choice. The price of high end guitar models increases as time goes by, but most guitars for beginners maintain the same rates. A great way of checking out several make and models is to look for a website that will compare guitar prices and features for you. The advantage of getting an inexpensive model gives you the opportunity to try them out without using a lot of cash.

When you are playing the guitar well enough or are seriously considering it as a career sideline, you can consider buying supplementary equipment like an amplifier and lead for an electric guitar. These items can improve the acoustic quality of your guitar and will allow you to listen to the way that you play the instrument. You can also search for just the parts so you can upgrade your piece. Just be persistent and let sellers know that you can walk away from their store if your desired price is not considered. In time, when you have become really good at it, you can be just like a professional musicians, when the issue of price would be less of a concern, because you’ll have the capacity to purchase units in different makes and models.

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Learning to Play the Bass Guitar

What to Consider in Buying a Bass GuitarBass guitars combines sound and resonance with electric power which produces a unique and superb sound. A great model will be in extremely good form and will produce the musical sound you are searching for. The instrument is made up of 4 strings with the sound port on the top to direct sound toward the player. Some bass tune guitar purists find the sound unnatural, while others consider that to be its strength. With its engaging and striking sound, many have been captured to play this musical gadget. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to hear the notes being performed on a bass acoustic guitar in comparison to a regular 6-string guitar. If you are barely starting out, a second-hand guitar is a great low-priced platform for learning. 

Now, there is a particular market among music lovers who not only delight in playing the bass acoustic guitar, but even go so far as to collect them. Some of the best makers of bass guitars include Boulder Creek. All their guitars feature solid tops, solid backs, and laminated sides for strength and durability, and necks made from high quality wood found all over the world. Mostly made of alder wood, the neck is usually made of maple and the fret board is made of rosewood. However, when one looks deeper, it has a larger hollow body and fuller neck. The neck of the guitar should be pristine. The tuning technology is also licensed to other companies including Hohner and Cort, although these companies manufacture the bodies and necks of the bass using traditional timber construction. This great product includes a spruce top with mahogany neck, back, and sides that will produce a tone that will please the most discerning of ears.

Martin & Company is also another company that creates particularly good models of bass instrument guitars. Founded in 1975 by Hisatake Shibuya, this wildly-popular manufacturer focused on making quality basses for export as well as electric guitars.

he oldest kind in the market now, in as far as bass guitars are concerned are the solid wood guitars. They have managed to consistently stay in the buyer’s market although most of the units are produced in their factory located in Korea. Whichever instrument you choose, it’s important to find one that most fits your personality and playing style. You can play the guitar by using techniques like plucking, picking, slap and pop, two-handed tapping, and fretting. A pick is optional for those who are not comfortable in using their fingers to play the instrument.

Kids who want to get into playing Bass won’t go wrong by looking at any of the choices for , happy Rockin’! Playing techniques. It comes with video  tutorials and books on how to play the bass because that’s the way to learn, as that is the only way that you will learn.

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The Key Features of Different Piano Models

The Key Features of Different Piano ModelsThere are essentially two types of market to consider when you think of purchasing pianos. There’s the acoustic and the electric type, which are also known as digital pianos. Throughout history, pianos have entertained people of all classes and types. There are distinct features of each type which you can consider if you plan on buying a unit. A rundown of the primary attributes can help you choose the model that best fits your situation and need.

Pianos have gone through many evolution thanks to the great advancement in physics of sound and digital technology. The melody that it produces is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying sound that people from all walks of life appreciate. Some may assume that the size of a piano determines its sound quality so that the larger it is, the better the sound that will be produced but this is not an accurate statement.

Basic types include the upright piano, also known as the vertical which appears a lot smaller than the grand Piano. A traditional acoustic piano is just like an old fashion string music player because it is made using techniques that have been used centuries ago.

The roll up electric piano, on the other hand is a fun companion to take along on trips. It’s been called a roll up because it can be folded up around its sound module to fit easily in a backpack or even a purse, which is its prime feature. The instrument is made up of a flat vinyl keyboard with sensors behind the keys that reacts to your touch and emits a sound similar to a piano key being struck. Despite its small size, it produces great quality music, giving excellent sound quality.

To some musicians and enthusiasts though, nothing beats the pure and unfiltered sound quality of acoustic piano strings. Even a beginner can produce superior quality music from the piano. Digital pianos may look like traditional pianos and even produce similar sound quality but they do not feel like the real thing. The acoustic models don’t require any electric current to be played and rely solely on the pianist pressing the relevant key which then strikes the string in the casing of the instrument.

The whole experience of sitting down at a piano and making your fingers dance on its keys to produce melodious music is a great gift. A full sized 88-key keyboard is recommended along with ‘weighted’ keys. With digital pianos, there are no strings or cumbersome hammers involved, though you might buy something with wooden keys that give a very realistic feel to a real acoustic piano. We recommend a keyboard with weighted keys and 88-full size keys. What this means is that keys in the bottom from the piano really truly feel heavier than keys in the middle.

The early digital pianos often had very basic specifications and primitive sound like qualities. It has evolved to include a lot of other functions which include producing a variety of tone quality and other sounds. The best models of digital pianos now come equipped with settings that enable it to simulate the tones of the concert grand, upright and tack piano along with various other instruments.

The history of this type of piano can be traced from the more traditional electric keyboards or synthesizers. Parents who want their children to learn how to play the piano often invest in an electric piano keyboard. This is sufficient for a beginner because the cost of acoustic pianos is comparatively higher than the electric model. This makes the electric keyboard much more acceptable for an individual who is just learning the basics of playing the piano.

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Comparing the Features of a Keyboard and a Traditional Piano Unit

Image of Piano Keyboard

Choosing among the different piano models can be confusing but if you can narrow down the features that you prefer, getting the model that’s suitable for you would be so much easier. Many of the great composers such as Bach, Mozart, and Liszt played a role in the evolution of the original piano design. They helped the in the design of the different varieties that we see now. The designs came about  to meet the distinct needs of  musicians since maestros, beginners, music teachers and professional pianists all have unique requirements. 

Experts say that because of the many changes that has been done on the piano, the reference for many of the great musical works is slowly disappearing. New components and innovations continue to be applied to this musical instrument which makes it a far cry from the traditional model. The earliest piano was recognized to be existent during the middle ages which is why it has become one of the most popular instruments of all times.

The piano has a long and respected tradition in many forms of music, particularly classical music. Basically composed of a keyboard that creates different tones and pitches, the piano has become very useful in the music industry and in other entertainment mediums such as plays, theatrical performances and recitals. It is also widely used for classical and jazz music in performances to support the artists  production and is regularly included in the chamber music.

If you require a unit that has both good craftsmanship and tone quality, then check out the different models of Yamaha. They sell a number of models along with parts and accessories like foot pedals, bags, and amplifiers. The typical Yamaha keyboard combines the best of both the customary piano and the electronic piano, a tested sound of natural keys that’s been improved with the application of digital elements. The easy pressure and sounds are characteristic components of this company’s pianos. Stepping on the foot pedals affects the sound, causing it to either to soften, blur into one another, or hold a note.

A keyboard has different components that the traditional piano model. The style keys are better designed than the weighted ones. With the minor piano chords, the black keys on the piano’s keyboard are involved. Beginners will find that the keyboard allows a learner to learn easy parts faster and proceed to more complicated pieces as the individual becomes more adept at the craft. The most basic version does not have complicated keys, buttons and switches that a specialized piano would most likely have. Pianos in the marketplace include both the 76 keys and the full 88 –key model which is made up of 52 white ones and 36 black ones.

Electric keyboards are often used in popular music to create unique sounds that are not possible on traditional pianos. It is an updated model of the modern piano. These instruments contain high-quality built-in amplifiers along with speakers which could give you the most breathtaking sounds.

Yamaha commands a pretty considerable price, and that is warranted by its competence in producing musical instruments. There are some individuals though like music players, artists, entertainers, as well as music fanatics who prefer to take advantage of the musical instruments manufactured by Roland. Casio and Yamaha both have good entry level keyboards in addition to their light keyboards. If your preference is for digital pianos, then these manufacturers have the best options in the market as well. 

Cameron & Sons offer baby grand digital pianos which are known for their excellent design and advanced digital components. The way the digital keyboards are made now allows for a much more realistic touch and feel to them. Baby grand digital pianos manufactured by Roland have gradual Hammer-Action keyboard instead.

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